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We believe feeling at home is important.

We're a group of graphic designers, home accent lovers, small business strategists, pizza lovers, escape room failers, costume dressers, house flippers, Jesus lovers, and small town girls with BIG DREAMS.

The makings of Root & Roam Home

We're a group of friends who just happen to all work in the same office - a creative office at that.  We are a group of creative thinkers, graphics designers, website developers, and copywriters. We spend our days strategically creating really great things for incredible businesses! 

We quickly outgrew our humble beginnings (in the back of a feedstore - yep, we're THAT southern) and began looking for an office as unique as we were.  Must haves: character, quality, a story, the willingness to grow with us.

Lucky for us, Stacy's sister Kerry always has her finger on the pulse of the real estate market in Comanche, Texas. After a quick phone call, we loaded up the Root & Roam team and headed to meet Kerry at her most recent acquisition,  an early 1900's home. We'll never forget the day Kerry opened the lead pane glass door for the first time. That old house on Lane told a remarkable story through it's tattered wallpaper, buried fireplaces, and vintage treasures. 

We heard it loud and clear. We specialize in storytelling, you know. We met a kindred spirit that day... a spirit that needed a LOT of work but we aren't afraid of that one bit. 

A dream became reality and move-in day was circled on our calendar, we began to curate the pieces that would make our new place feel like a creative haven.  

As we married preference with function we noticed we all had a common thread when it came to curating decor and items for our creative space - our affinity for items that felt like home and our zeal for creative pieces that ignited our curiosity for adventure. 

As Kerry saw us curate items and build meaningful spaces, it sparked an idea - what if she shared the style of her current flip with us, told us more about the preferences of her clients, and then let us tap into our creativity and create some one-of-a-kind pieces for that home? We took to that idea like fireflies to a mason jar and began gathering items from some of our favorite shops as well as designing some truly remarkable pieces. Out of this came Root & Roam Home - our way of helping people create spaces in their home that remind them of their roots yet inspire them to roam.